How to get to there:

Måndalen, the Moon Valley, is a small valley in the North West of Norway. To get there you need to go over (or through) mountains and around fjords. It’s a wonderful journey, if you want it to be. 😉


By road

You can, off course, drive to Måndalen. 



By rail

If you’d like to go by train, you are in luck, the end station of Raumabanen (the Rauma Line), is in Åndalsnes, only 20 km from Måndalen. From there you can go by bus. Raumabanen is a beautiful ride down the Romsdal valley, with the mountain rising up on both sides. The train passes well-known attractions such as Kylling Bridge and the Troll wall. 


Raumabanen connects with trains from Oslo and Trondheim/Bodø. (English)


By air

There are two airports semi-close to Måndalen, Molde airport (65 km) and Aalesund (100 km). From the airport you can travel by bus. (English)


By bus

There are busses from both airport and from the train station going to Måndalen. And if you really like the bus, you can also take the bus from pretty much whereever. (English)