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Zipcode 6386 Måndalen Norway.

Måndalen (Moon Valley) is a small valley in the North West of Norway. To get there you need to go over (or through) mountains and around fjords. It's a wonderful journey.

By road

You can drive to Måndalen by car,+M%C3%A5ndalen/@62.5236609,7.3554115,12z/data=!4m9!4m8!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x4614041801d7fa6d:0xa735a70e2c286d83!2m2!1d7.4254511!2d62.5235992!3e0

By train

If you'd like to go by train, you are in luck. The end station of Raumabanen (the Rauma Line), is in Åndalsnes - only 20km from Måndalen. From there you can go by bus. Raumabanen is a beautiful ride down the Romsdal Valley, with the mountais rising up at both sides. The train passes well-known attractions such as Kylling Bridge and the Troll Wall.

Raumabanen connects with trains from Oslo and Trondheim.

By air

There are 2 airports semi-close to Måndalen.

Molde airport Årø (65km) and Ålesund airport Vigra (100km).

From the airports you can travel by bus, or get a rental car.

By bus

Local timetables for bus, also from airports, are found at FRAM

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